Mar 25, 2011

I Heart Container Store

I've seen lots of white brocade organizers in the past few months, and I LOVE the look. I even got a few things for Christmas, including this pencil cup and magazine holder from Barnes and Noble:
Decorative Metal Magazine Rack
Decorative Metal Pencil Cup Holder
But, I wanted to squeal when I found lots of other brocade goodies on the Container Store's website! If I had the moolah, I'd have the whole collection loaded in my cart within seconds. But, alas, that is so not a possibility right now. Here are some things I really heart:
Brocade Utensil Caddy at $9.99

Hmmm, I am in need of a new utensil holder, so this one just might have to make an appearance next to the stove. ;)

This desktop file is drool worthy as well:
Brocade Desktop File

These stylish storage bins would be great for storing any number of items including blankets, towels, books, toys, magazines, etc. They come in rectangular and square sizes.
Brocade Metal Storage Bins

And, finally, these zippered totes are a steal at 3.99, and the colors are yummy!
Zippered Storage Tote

These items make this organization obsessed girl's heart go pitter patter. I love it when beauty meets function in storage and organizing options!

**I am not being paid to endorse Container Store's products. These are my own opinions.

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