Jun 16, 2011

Making Use of an Odd Space

With a little creative “out of the box” thinking, it’s possible to turn a space with no apparent purpose into something quite functional. I’m usually not very good at thinking outside of the box, but occasionally I have “a hah” moments. Take this little odd space in my kitchen. It’s a small floor-to-ceiling cut out in one of the walls in our kitchen, probably four or five inches deep. It would be a great space for a small pantry, but I guess structurally that’s not possible. When we moved in I knew it could be used for something.

My “a hah” moment came when I realized that it could be used as a good space for storing things like spices and other odds and ends that don’t have a place to live elsewhere in the kitchen.

So, we purchased a pantry door organizer, and it fit perfectly! The nice thing about it is that it’s not made for over the door, so we didn’t have to deal with hooks at the top.

It’s hard to get a good picture of the whole thing, but here’s a general idea of how it looks in the space.


We have a regular spice rack with labeled bottles, but this is a good place for storing odd-sized containers. It’s also perfect for storing paper wraps and ziploc bags.


The little Command hook on the wall is a great place to store the dog’s leash.






We ended up deciding that this was a wonderful space for all of the dog’s food and treats, and accessories, because he’s king of the house, you know, and needs his space too!


I like this little space, too, because it is hidden behind a wall, so if it gets a bit disorganized and we have company, no one can see!

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  1. Good idea! Personally, I like shelving that isn't too deep. Deep shelves = things lost at the back of the shelf. :)


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